Issued by the FW de Klerk Foundation 13/03/2024 

In light of recent discussions surrounding the Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill (“BELA Bill”), the FW de Klerk Foundation takes note of recent reports concerning corruption within some School Governing Bodies (“SGBs”). Said corruption allegedly ranges from financial mismanagement to nepotism.

These allegations underscore the need for enhanced oversight mechanisms and capacity-building initiatives to strengthen the integrity of SGBs, as called for by the Foundation’s extensive written and oral submissions to Parliament (on the BELA Bill)”, says Ismail Joosub, the Foundation’s Legal Officer.

Emphasising the Foundation’s stance Joosub states, “While acknowledging the challenges posed by alleged corruption within some SGBs, the Foundation cautions against the centralisation of power (away from parents) and with the Government proposed in the BELA Bill”.

Joosub further states, “Such centralisation will do nothing to solve the alleged corruption. SGBs play a vital role in fostering community ownership and accountability in schools. Rather than removing power from SGBs, parents should be equipped with how to hold the parents that they’ve elected to their SGB accountable and how to ensure they remain transparent to the local school community.”

The Foundation remains committed to promoting constitutional values and safeguarding the right to quality education for all South Africans. Our stance underscores the critical role of parents and the community in the governance of schools, ensuring that decisions are made collaboratively and in the best interests of learners and their communities.