The Foundation promotes national unity by accentuating and advancing the foundational values in section 1 of the Constitution, which include:

  • Human dignity, the achievement of equality, and the advancement of human rights and freedoms
  • Non-racialism and non-sexism
  • Supremacy of the Constitution and the Rule of Law
  • Universal adult suffrage, a national common voters’ roll, regular elections and a multi-party system of democratic government, to ensure accountability, responsiveness and openness


The Foundation identifies and celebrates the many factors that unite South Africans.  In a 2011 publication, the Foundation identified the following things that unite South Africans:

  • South Africa’s peaceful constitutional transformation, expressed in the December 1991 Declaration of Intent; the closing paragraph of the 1993 constitution; the vision and values of the 1996 constitution; and the Bill of Rights
  • South Africa’s national symbols, including the national flag; the national anthem; and the national coat of arms
  • Sport
  • Religion
  • Common pride in South Africa’s eight world heritage sites; treasure house of minerals and natural resources; natural beauty; and economic, social and business achievements
  • The symbiotic relationship between South Africans exemplified by Ubuntu


The Foundation celebrates the many South African individuals and organisations who promote goodwill and unity between our communities.  In 2010 the Board of the FW de Klerk Foundation established the FW de Klerk Goodwill Award to give recognition to individuals and organisations that have made exceptional contributions to the promotion of goodwill between South Africans.  

FW de Klerk Foundation Vice Chair Elita de Klerk presenting the 2022 FW de Klerk Goodwill Award to Ladles of Love Founder Danny Diliberto

Past winners include:

2011 – Danny Jordaan

2012 – Pieter-Dirk Uys

2013 – Studietrust

2014 – Patrice Motsepe 

2015 –  Afrika Tikkun 

2016 –  Prof Thuli Madonsela 

2017 – Wade van Niekerk and Ans Botha 

2018 – Gift of the Givers

2019 – Moeletsi Mbeki

2020 – (COVID)

2021 – (COVID)

2022 – Ladles of Love