One of the FW de Klerk Foundation’s primary goals is to advance the vision of unity in diversity in the preamble to the 1996 Constitution.

National Unity.  The Foundation seeks to promote unity by accentuating the goals and values in the preamble and section one of the Constitution that provide the foundation for national unity.

Cultural, Religious and Language Diversity.  The Foundation promotes respect for South Africa’s diverse cultures, languages and religions that make up the rich fabric of our national identity by monitoring and advancing provisions in the Constitution that guarantee language, cultural and religious rights.

Reconciliation and Dialogue.  The Foundation works for reconciliation by promoting dialogue between South Africans on issues that divide them and by deepening understanding of one another’s world views.

Community Outreach. The Foundation has always believed that dialogue and reconciliation must go beyond words and conversations. For this reason, the Foundation has, for almost 15 years, assisted organisations that care for disadvantaged and disabled children.