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Saturday 29 July was the 19th anniversary of the Constitutional Court’s judgement in Minister of Finance vs Van Heerden. It is a significant date because it marks a crucial point in the erosion of the foundational value of non-racialism and the unravelling of South Africa’s historic national accord.

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Our history mirrors the troubled histories of many other countries in North and South America and Australasia that were ‘discovered’ and settled by Europeans between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.  The indigenous populations were conquered, some were enslaved and nearly all lost their ancestral lands.   As Chief Red Cloud of the Sioux observed: “They made us many promises, but they kept only one: they promised to take our land – and they did.” Some indigenous people died resisting the invaders – but many, many more succumbed to the settlers’ diseases – perhaps as many as 90% of the population of South and Central America.

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Assessment of Compliance of Election Manifestos for the 2024 South African National Elections with the Bill of Rights

The assessment of 17 parties aims to evaluate how well each manifesto aligns with the Constitution’s core values, with a particular emphasis on compliance with the Bill of Rights.