FW de Klerk Goodwill Award for Jordaan

Cape Town – Chief Executive of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Danny Jordaan became the first recipient of the FW de Klerk Goodwill Award, dedicating the honour to the people of South Africa and those who worked closely with him, SABC reports.

The Foundation said it honoured Jordaan for his role in the staging of last year’s soccer spectacular in South Africa. The former South African president said Jordaan was chosen for his exemplary contribution to the promotion of goodwill between South Africans.

He further said Jordaan’s successful planning and management of the event helped South Africans to show that the country can compete with the best in the international arena.

Accepting the award, Jordaan said South Africans always respond when they find a cause worthy, something they believe in and embrace. At the same event, the original ballot paper of the first democratic election in South Africa was auctioned off for R80 000.

The ballot paper was signed by three former presidents of the country, De Klerk, Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. The foundation’s executive director, Dave Steward, says the money will be used to further the work of the Foundation to promote the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the rule of law.