Vincent opt

Bachelor of Arts: Political Science and History, University of Miami, United States (2014-2018)

“My interest in the South African political landscape first emerged after reading newspapers during my semester studying at the University of Cape Town. Eager to immerse myself further, I began looking for a research-oriented internship that would enable me to both learn more about the country’s political system, while also pursuing my interest in constitutional law. The FW de Klerk Foundation, with its mission to preserve the Constitution and maintain the Rule of Law, was a natural fit. 

While interning, my research has centred around the ongoing debate over land reform and the possibility of expropriation without compensation. The experience has undoubtedly improved my research abilities and has left me with a much greater awareness of the challenges facing South Africa and other young democracies. I hope to use this knowledge to make a positive contribution to the Foundation’s efforts to promote effective governance.”  

Vincent is currently completing his final year of his undergraduate studies at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida.