interns tobias strohmEberhard Karls University, Tübingen, Germany, ‬English and History

“During my internship at the FW de Klerk Foundation I not only met a friendly, cooperative and committed staff, but I also gained insight into one aspect of the South African society that I am especially interested in due to my profession as a teacher in Germany – the South African educational system. With the help of my colleagues and external sources from the UCT I managed to compile a report and tried to focus on two areas of an inexhaustible topic: the role of the history of apartheid in the classroom and the training of future teachers in South Africa. As an intern at the FW de Klerk Foundation I had an in-depth look into a fascinating country.”

Tobias is now working as a History and English teacher in a public school back home in Germany.

Tobias Strohm: Research Paper – Towards a Brighter Future