THE DF MALAN DOCUMENT  12 February 1991

The Working Group established under paragraph 3 of the Pretoria Minute produced the DF Malan Document after more than six months of extremely lengthy and difficult discussions. The main features of the DF Malan Document are the following:  

(i) An undertaking by the ANC to stop: 

(ii) The government agreed and accepted the following: 

(iii) A Liaison Committee to deal with the implementation of the DF Malan Document was created in the same document. 



This Liaison Committee met on several occasions but has thus far failed to reach a substantial agreement. The regime’s representative sought to turn the suspension of armed action into a termination of the armed struggle and this was rejected by the ANC representatives. There is not a stalemate in the discussions in the Liaison Committee.  




  1. The Working Group was established under paragraph 3 of the Pretoria Minute, which reads as follows:

“In the interest of moving as speedily as possible towards a negotiated peaceful political settlement and in the context of the agreements reached, the ANC announced that it was now suspending all armed actions with immediate effect. As a result of this, nor further armed actions and related activities by the ANC and its military wing, Umkhonto weSizwe will take place. It was agreed that a Working Group will be established to resolve all outstanding questions arising out of this decision to report by 15 September 1990. Both sides once more committed themselves to do everything in their power to bring about a peaceful solution as quickly as possible.”  

  1. Having decided that it would not have been possible to submit a final report by the 15th September 1990, an interim report was brought out on 13 September 1990.
  2. Since then a number of meetings have taken place. This report was finalised at a meeting on the 12th of February 1991.
  3. With reference to the work “suspending” as used in paragraph 3 of the Pretoria minute, the Working Group what was said in paragraph 4 of its Interim Report, namely that suspension occurred as a step in the process of finding peaceful solutions, with the presumption that the process would lead to the situation where there would be no return to armed action.
  4. (a) Under the terms of suspension of “armed action” and “related activities” by the ANC, with specific reference also to Umkhonto weSizwe and its organised military groups and armed cadres, it was agreed that the following will not take place:

(b) The Working Group: 

(c) The Working Group: 

  1. (a) The Working Group agreed that designated members of the ANC would work with government representatives in a Liaison Committee to implement this agreement, and that the existing nominated SAP and ANC liaison officials appointed in accordance with paragraph 5 of the Groote Schuur Minute shall serve as supporting structure of the Liaison Committee.

(b) It is agreed that this agreement will be implemented forthwith and its objectives attained as speedily as possible. 

(c) It is further agreed that in view of the above the process of attaining the objectives contained in paragraph 2 of the Pretoria Minute will be realised according to the procedures contained in that minute. 

  1. It is understood that nothing in or omitted from the agreement will be construed as invalidating or suspending the provisions of any law applicable in South Africa.
  2. It is recommended that this Working Group be continued to supervise the implementation of this agreement relating to paragraph 3 and the activities of the Liaison Committee and to give attention to further matters that may arise from the implementation of this agreement, such as proposed defence units.