The FW de Klerk Foundation is a non-profit organisation funded solely by private public and corporate donations. The Foundation has a small operating budget and is therefore unable to fund other organisations or projects. However, from time to time we receive limited funding from overseas organisations for distribution to local organisations that support special needs children in particular.

The Foundation does not fund:

During the past five years, the Foundation has channelled more than two million rand to the following charitable programmes:



Alta du Toit School

Provision of a school bus to transport children with intellectual disabilities between their homes and school.

Autism Western Cape (logo)

Autism Western Cape

New facilities and training equipment for autistic children in the Western Cape.


Iris House

Donations towards refurbishment of Iris House Children’s Living Hospice.

logo-national institute for the deaf

National Institute for the Deaf

Special career training for young deaf adults from across South Africa, and Africa.



Bursaries to disadvantaged children and after-school training for gifted children in Limpopo.


Vista Nova School

Assistance for special-needs children to receive education.


Woodside Special Care Centre

The care of children with profound mental disabilities, with no families to support them.

Innovation for the Blind Logo opt

Innovation for the Blind

Provision of special equipment to assist partially-sighted people to read.


logo cmrn

Christian Social Council North

Child protection programme.

logo lifechoicesSalesian Life Choices

Youth development, including leadership training and academic tutoring.


The FW de Klerk Foundation International Donor Support Programme

Elita-de-Klerk-with-ChildrenThe Donor Support Programme was launched as a useful service to friends of South Africa who want to help the country address some of its most pressing problems. The Foundation assists international donors by identifying NGOs with proven track records, negotiating with implementing agencies and channeling payments. Donors receive regular progress reports and the Foundation does not charge for these services.

Elita de Klerk, Trustee and wife of former president FW de Klerk, is patron of the FW de Klerk Foundation International Donor Support Programme.

For more information, or to make a donation, contact us on +27 21 930 3622, or send an email to