The charging of these officials on counts of corruption and fraud is a major step in bringing to book those who have allegedly looted State funds for their own personal gain. One of the main priorities of the newly-elected government should be not only to fight corruption but more importantly, to ensure those who have abused their positions are held accountable.

For this to happen, South Africa needs strong institutions and strong institutional capacity, as well as the cooperation of the Hawks, other investigative bodies and the National Prosecution Authority (NPA). The Hawks in specific need to be meticulous in the way in which they conduct their investigation and gather evidence, in order to guarantee the best chance of conviction if the accused are found guilty. This is essential for restoring the public’s confidence in the criminal justice system. In a broader context, this can be seen as a positive development in President Ramaphosa’s quest to deal decisively with the double scourge of State capture and corruption. This is particularly significant in that it is happening in the capital of the province where former president Zuma still has some influence. 

Issued by the FW de Klerk Foundation
14 May 2019