We congratulate all newly-appointed Minsters and Deputy Ministers and wish them strength and wisdom. As the chairman of the Cabinet has indicated, they have a tremendous task to re-install efficient and transparent government. A very good first step would be to look critically at all present Directors-General, as this is often where a State department fails or succeeds. A second step would be to align their departments’ aims with the President’s quest for clean and efficient government, economic growth and job creation, and effective service delivery.

Mr President, this is a good start. But if we may be bold enough to point out the obvious: watch your back with regard to Luthuli House. The proliferation of those who were not considered clean or good enough for Cabinet at your party’s headquarters, to boot under the leadership of someone who has shown himself not to be aligned with your reformist agenda, is a development that must be watched closely. The danger does not necessarily lie in the immediate future, but when the next provincial party structures are decided, and lists are drawn up. Ensure that your work in government in the interests of all South Africans is not white-anted by those with a narrow and selfish agenda at Luthuli House.

Issued by the FW de Klerk Foundation
30 May 2019