We as a country miss you, Madiba. We miss your fearless leadership, your honesty and integrity, your unrelenting drive for non-racialism and reconciliation. We miss the fact that you deemed yourself not to be above the law, and remained a servant to the people. We miss your compassion for the poor and our humanity. We know that you were not infallible, an ordinary but gifted human being. But we appreciate now even more that you served your people in the best way that you could – in strict accordance with the Constitution that is your ultimate legacy.

We at the FW de Klerk Foundation, with our founder, the co-recipient of your Nobel Peace Prize, mourn your passing. We do so not in desperation, but with a strong resolve to honour your legacy in the best way we can – to uphold and protect the Constitution, and to hold all politicians and other leaders accountable to that ultimate guideline.

Issued by the FW de Klerk Foundation
5 December 2017