The FW de Klerk Foundation’s two Centres – the Centre for Constitutional Rights (CFCR) and the Centre for Unity in Diversity (CUD) – work towards respecting and protecting the dignity of all those in South Africa, as well as embracing and celebrating diversity, through upholding the rights enshrined in our Constitution. The Foundation further, through our Support for Charities Programme, assists a small pool of local organisations that care for children and young people with disabilities, and young people from disadvantaged communities. In partnering with these organisations year-round – and not only on Mandela Day – the Foundation contributes towards meaningful change.

This year, staff of the Foundation and the CFCR will again be tackling hands-on Mandela Day projects. On Wednesday, 18 July, the team will spend the day at Innovation for the Blind (formerly the institute for the Blind) in Worcester, where they will be painting a room for one of the multi-disabled, visually-impaired residents. On Thursday, 19 July, staff will spend the afternoon helping to spruce up the grounds of Iris House Children’s Hospice in Bellville.

The Foundation has longstanding relationships with both these worthy organisations, who work tirelessly to make a daily, positive difference in the lives of children and persons with disabilities.

In addition, the FW de Klerk Foundation’s Board will meet on 18 July, with former President FW de Klerk, Chairman, Dave Steward and Executive Director, Dr Theuns Eloff, in attendance. The Board will pass a motion to commemorate the life and work of former President Mandela. The Board will also discuss, among others, the state of the nation, and various Foundation activities aimed at bringing sustainable change to South Africa and all those who live in it.

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Issued by the FW de Klerk Foundation
17 July 2018