The Foundation’s staff will be making Visual Communication Kits, which Autism Western Cape will then donate to families who have little or no access to resources. Among others, these Kits are designed to help give children who are non-verbal (or lack the language skills to verbalise their needs) a voice, through the use of communication cards.

In addition to ‘67 minutes’ on Mandela Day, the FW de Klerk Foundation maintains an ongoing commitment to Autism Western Cape and other worthy organisations though our International Donor Support Programme. Through this programme, the Foundation is able to channel funds to local organisations that make a daily difference in the lives of disadvantaged children and children with disabilities. Moreover, the realisation of the rights of South Africans with disabilities, as enshrined in the Bill of Rights, remains a priority for the CFCR.

Read more about the International Donor Support Programme. For more information about the work and mission of Autism Western Cape, visit:

Issued by the FW de Klerk Foundation
17 July 2015