Four examples of what can be expected:

The Report Card assesses the fulfilment of each right in the Bill of Rights for the year under review. Court decisions, proposed legislation, repeated incidents reported in the media and the reports of well-established bodies were considered to grade the fulfilment of each right.

The purpose of the Report Card is to identify trends in human rights violations and to inform the public of these vital developments. It is also hoped it will act as a catalyst for change in ensuring human rights are upheld and protected.

At today’s event, guest speakers will share their views on the impact of developments in 2018 on certain rights. They include:

The launch will be live-streamed via the CFCR’s Facebook Page, from 17h30 onwards. A snapshot of the Report Card’s findings in relation to each right can be accessed HERE, and the full Report Card will be available after the launch, on the CFCR’s website. 

Issued by the Centre for Constitutional Rights
19 March 2019