Minister Gigaba left a trail of destruction in his wake during his time as Minister of Public Enterprises, amongst other ministerial portfolios. Remedial action, at great cost to the country, is underway to repair the damage to virtually all State-owned enterprises that were led astray on his watch.

While many may wonder if Minister Gigaba jumped or was pushed, it would seem that a quiet “fireside chat” with President Ramaphosa over the weekend forced his decision. Even against this background it would be fortuitous to pause to ask President Ramaphosa and the ANC why this situation was allowed to escalate to this point and why action was not taken against Gigaba sooner. With allowing Gigaba a ‘graceful exit’ through a letter of resignation, President Ramaphosa should offer the same option to several other Ministers, and thereby rid the Cabinet of delinquent Ministers. We recommend the latter approach to hasten the task of rebuilding the country.

Issued by the FW de Klerk Foundation
13 November 2018

Photo credit: GovernmentZA on / CC BY-ND