Key concerns flagged by the Foundation in its submission to Parliament on 21 February include the following:

Few are confident that the Draft Bill will be passed in the current sitting of Parliament. However, it is of grave concern to the Foundation that the Bill is on the national agenda at a time when the ad hoccommittee on the amendment to section 25 to effect expropriation without compensation is high on the parliamentary and political agenda, and the contagion effect is already being felt. This, plus the upcoming elections are bound to have a negative impact on the Draft Bill. It may come to pass that the Draft Bill will be held hostage to a more fundamental shakedown of the property rights regime in South Africa. The Foundation has asserted all too often that this will have grave political and economic implications, as well as cause serious disruption to social relations in the country.

Issued by the FW de Klerk Foundation
24 February 2019