sibaniGraduate Fellow for Council of Women World Leaders
Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, Master of International Affairs (MIA), Degree Candidate, 2016

“As an aspiring professional in International Public Affairs, I am passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of millions of people hindered by the lack of policies that protect their basic human rights.

South Africa’s Constitution, renowned for its revolutionary approach to human rights, now stands as an icon of a remarkable negotiated transition – one that turned a country shattered by apartheid into one that celebrates democracy and freedom irrespective of race, colour, belief or sex. I chose the FW de Klerk Foundation because it has relentlessly promoted and safeguarded constitutional rights by upholding accountability, transparency and response to the citizenry.

As a native Nepali who grew up in the US and experienced the dichotomy between one of the world’s poorest developing nations and the most powerful economy – this cross‐cultural viewpoint will give me a unique opportunity to gain insights on the intricacies of South African politics. And, may I say what an exciting time to be here in South Africa!”