160202 MulticulturalismPublication opt“We decided to dedicate this conference to the future of multiculturalism. We did so because of the very strained and bitter communication that has taken place recently between our communities. We felt that the time had come for us to soberly examine our multicultural society: where it is going, how people feel about it. I think we should also bear in mind that, despite all of the heated remarks, according to the Institute of Race Relations, 79% of South Africans reported that they experience no racist incidents whatsoever. So we must remember that the great majority of South Africans want to make our multicultural society work.” Dave Steward, Executive Director, FW de Klerk Foundation

The conference publication contains welcoming remarks by Dave Steward of the FW de Klerk Foundation, as well as Dr Holger Dix, of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS). Keynote speeches were delivered by: Dr Mathews Phosa, Rhoda Kadalie, Flip Buys, Justice Albie Sachs, Dr Fernand de Varennes and former President FW de Klerk.