The FW de Klerk Foundation is excited to have Wilmore Tendai Chisiiwa (affectionately known as Tendai) on board as an online research intern.

We recently caught up with him to find out more about his background and goals for his time with the Foundation…

FWDKF: Why did you want to intern with the FW de Klerk Foundation?

WTC: My interests in the advancement of democracy, human rights, and holding state institutions accountable are what drew me to the Foundation. The Foundation’s primary objective of upholding the Constitution mirrors my interests and aims.

FWDKF: What do you hope to learn or achieve during your internship?

WTC: I aim to advance my research and writing skills, and to use this opportunity as a springboard to contribute to human rights jurisprudence.

FWDKF: What is your background, country of origin and research focus?

WTC: I am originally from Zimbabwe, and decided to move to South Africa on a journey of self-discovery. I completed my LLB degree at North West University, and recently completed my Masters in International Trade Law. I will soon be undertaking my Ph.D. studies in Trade and Business Law. My research focus is mainly on International Trade Law, but since no law exists in a vacuum, it has become interdisciplinary, and extends to include human rights.

FWDKF: What are your career ambitions for the next five years?

WTC: Within this time period, God allowing, I should have completed my Ph.D. I love teaching, and I see myself as a University lecturer one day. I would also like to open a legal consultancy entity so that justice can be easily accessed by the poor and the marginalised.

We look forward to following Tendai’s journey of learning and growth during his time with us.