Issued by the FW de Klerk Foundation on 01/03/2024

The FW de Klerk Foundation is pleased to have Shaun Kinnes, a University of the Witwatersrand student, on board as an online intern. 
We recently sat down with him to learn more about his background and goals for the internship…

FWDKF: Why did you want to intern with the FW de Klerk Foundation?

SK: I wanted to intern at the Foundation to gain insight into the policy-making process. This internship will also help me gain valuable skills and experience, which I can put to good use in my future career. 

Moreover, I wanted to develop relationships with a network of professional individuals at the Foundation. 

FWDKF: What do you hope to achieve/learn during the internship?

SK: As I undertake the tasks given to me during the internship, I hope to gain an in-depth understanding of constitutional advocacy – while gaining transferable skills. 

I also find it very motivational to know that the work I will contribute will be shared with various sectors and bodies of society. 

FWDKF: What is your background, country of origin and research focus?

SK: I am a proud South African. 

At present, I am completing my Master of Arts in International Politics at the University of Witwatersrand.

My research is focused on human security, the intersection of technology and international relations. 

FWDKF: What are your career ambitions?

SK: Within the next five years, I plan on furthering my studies and undertaking a career path within a sector that is geared toward social sustainability and development. 

My overall career goal is to work towards the upliftment of marginalized persons. As an individual with a great passion for inclusivity and social development, I will be highly motivated within this industry and, as outlined in the well-known saying, ‘Emotions drive people, and people drive performance’