Issued by the FW de Klerk Foundation on 07/09/2023


The FW de Klerk Foundation is pleased to have Liam Erasmus, a Capetonian and Stellenbosch University law student, on board as an online intern. 

We recently sat down with him to learn more about his background and goals for the internship…

FWDKF: Why did you want to intern with the FW de Klerk Foundation?

LE: The Foundation aims to protect and defend our country’s Constitution. I have always been an admirer of the reports and media statements of the Foundation regarding the derogation of rights. 

It is essential that the Government, and the broader society, be kept accountable for breaches of the rights in the Constitution. 

I believed interning for the Foundation would allow me to delve deeply into a subject matter I care deeply about and make a tangible contribution to our constitutional project. As a law student, I also wanted to improve my research and writing skills in a more practical setting.

What do you hope to achieve/ learn during your internship?

LE: I hoped to achieve a more detailed understanding of the contemporary state of the constitutional project. 

The Foundation has honed my skills and granted me the ability to grapple with the short-comings and successes regarding cultural and linguistic rights. Working under eminently qualified and knowledgeable managers at the Foundation has also been a great learning experience for which I am extremely thankful.

What is your background, country of origin and research focus?

LE: I was born and grew up in Cape Town. After matriculating in 2018, I commenced my BAccLLB at Stellenbosch University, which I am currently completing. 

Growing up in post-democratic South Africa has been bittersweet, but I believe that the ingredients for prosperity can be found in active citizenry. 

My research focus at the Foundation is cultural and linguistic rights,  and my responsibilities include research on the current developments regarding Sections 6, 29 and 185 of the Constitution.

What are your career ambitions (i.e. next 5 years)?

LE: My studies and the research work at the Foundation ignited my passion for law and advocacy. 

In the short term, I look forward to completing my studies and one day qualifying as an attorney at a large law firm, so I can expose myself to various fields in the law. Although I will likely practise corporate law in the beginning phases of my career, I hope to also do public interest, and constitutional law work later in my career.