Issued by the FW de Klerk Foundation on 10/04/2024

The FW de Klerk Foundation is pleased to have Ezra Mendel, a University of the Witwatersrand student, on board as an online intern. 
We recently sat down with him to learn more about his background and goals for the internship…

FWDKF: Why did you want to intern with the FW de Klerk Foundation?

EM: The FW de Klerk Foundation upholds values and principles that I see as of great importance. Becoming an intern at the Foundation, during such a crucial period for South Africa, will allow me to be part of those striving to uphold the Constitution. It will also allow me to engage with various individuals who can broaden my knowledge and understanding of constitutional advocacy.  

FWDKF: What do you hope to achieve/learn during the internship?

EM: During this internship, I look forward to gaining a deeper and more practical understanding of constitutional law, while engaging with individuals across diverse sectors. Additionally, I aspire to contribute meaningfully to initiatives dedicated to constitutional advocacy through my dedicated work efforts.

FWDKF: What is your background, country of origin and research focus?

EM: I hail from South Africa, it’s in my blood. I am currently undertaking my Honours Degree in International Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand. My primary research focus is on foreign policy analysis and security studies.

FWDKF: What are your career ambitions?

EM: Within the next five years, I plan on exploring a career within the political and data risk analytics sphere. My interest lies in the promotion of political stability and informing policymakers, businesses and international organisations about potential political and economic risks, whilst helping them develop strategies to mitigate these risks.