Bachelor in Sociology, Politics & Economics at Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen, Germany (2015-2018) 

With part of my family living in South Africa for many years, I was privileged to visit Cape Town and other parts of the country several times. Nevertheless, when on holiday you tend to neglect the duty of being aware of the socio-political surroundings of the country you visit. In my opinion, only longer sojourns can enlighten you about a country’s political system, its culture, its identity, and its problems. Therefore, I was always eager to come to South Africa by myself and to be part of an institution whose goal it is to find answers and give advice to the current major political questions of the country. 

The given opportunity to be a research assistant at the FW de Klerk Foundation was therefore perfect.  It not only taught me about one of the most progressive constitutions of our time, but it also showed me how important the role of independent actors within social-political systems can be and how essential their work towards a well-functioning democracy is.