interns jennifer leeCouncil of Women World Leaders Gender & Public Policy Fellow
Columbia University School of Social Work, Master of Science 2012 

“I learned a great deal during the internship – both professionally and personally. On a broader level, working with Mr. Steward and the Foundation gave me a better understanding of the importance of good governance, rule of law, and of the Constitution as a living document that gives citizens the rights and tools to create a just and equitable society. In addition, I walked away with a greater appreciation for the complexities of politics and public service. On a more intimate level, I was challenged to think even more critically about race and gender, to understand the multifaceted drivers (traditional, societal, cultural, political, etc.) of gender-based violence (and in particular, sexual violence against women) in South Africa, and to begin thinking and learning about solutions. I was also exposed to the controversial issue of corrective rape, which only just made headlines in The New Yorker this past May, a year after I had first learned about it in Cape Town. Personally, I was humbled by the hospitality, beauty, and consciousness of the South African people. I carried many of the lessons learned from my time with the Foundation and in South Africa back with me to New York and continue to remember and reach for them daily.”

Jenn has since completed her Master of Science degree from the Columbia University School of Social Work and began working for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. She works with UNICEF colleagues to engage constituents in the U.S. on UNICEF’s missions and programs. Her goal is to support the development of child protection and social welfare systems globally.

Jenn Lee: Research Paper – Finding Justice for Women