The CUD hosts interns from South Africa and abroad. During an internship, interns are given an opportunity to research and produce a paper on a topic of interest. Interns are also expected to write articles suitable for publication based on issues relevant to the work of the Centre for Unity in Diversity. 

For more information, or to enquire about an internship, call +27 21 930 3622 or send an email to


Current Interns

The Centre currently has no interns. 

Previous Interns

Amely Amély Rechberg

“My name is Amély Rechberg and I am a 22-year-old student of International Studies at Leiden University Campus The Hague. The topics I am concentrating myself with are international politics, global issues, economics and cultural interaction and have therefore become topics of personal interest. Further interests lie in human rights affairs, political affairs and sustainable development. My chosen area of specialties is Africa as for me, it has always been an inspiring and promising continent and therefore, I have also come to develop the ambition to work for a sustainable and equal future. As an intern at the FW de Klerk Foundation I would have the chance to enlarge my knowledge, develop skills and further optimise in working in an international affairs and environment.”


leonard Leonard Mbulle-Nziege

“I hail from the Yaounde, Cameroon and I am currently pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Cape Town, Department of Political Studies whereby I am doing a comparative study of democratisation in Francophone Africa. Over the course of my stint at the CUD, I will be undertaking a research project on “Contemporary Xenophobia in South Africa” whereby I hope to provide new insight and stimulate serious discussions about this social phenomenon. My ultimate goal at the CUD is to gain valuable work and learning experience as well as benefit from the mentorship opportunities which the staff at this institution will provide me with.”   


PatsonM opt Patson Malisa

Patson Malisa is studying towards an LLB Degree at the University of South Africa, as well as a Diploma in Public Accountability at Stellenbosch University’s School of Public Leadership.

While an intern, Patson also served as Chairman for South Africa at the International Youth Council, as well as an Associate Executive at the United Nations Association of South Africa responsible for the Sustainable Development and Policy Portfolio.