Does the CFCR offer pro-bono legal advice?

The Centre for Constitutional Rights (CFCR) – a unit of the FW de Klerk Foundation – is dedicated to upholding the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (the Constitution). To this end, the CFCR seeks to promote the values, rights and principles provided for in the Constitution; to monitor developments, including policy and draft legislation, that might affect the Constitution and the values, rights or principles provided therein; to inform people and organisations of their constitutional rights; and to assist them in claiming their rights.

We do therefore assist individuals in claiming and protecting their fundamental rights as enshrined in the Constitution, but due to limited resources, have to limit such support to matters involving key constitutional questions and concerns.

Does the CFCR offer internships?

Yes. We regularly consider candidates with LLB qualifications and a keen interest in upholding and promoting the Constitution. Visit our intern section for more information.

Do CFCR interns qualify for a stipend?

Yes. Interns qualify for a small stipend based on the number of hours/ days per week worked.