interns-esther-sampsonUniversity of Mary Washington, Bachelors of Arts International Affairs

“After spending a year studying at the University of Cape Town in 2012 my interest in South African politics started. The FW de Klerk Foundation has provided an excellent environment for me to continue to pursue my interest, particularly my interest in human rights issues surrounding South African politics and the Constitution.  

While at the FW de Klerk Foundation I conducted research on children’s rights issues in South Africa relating to violence in schools. My research has provided me with a better understanding of the South African Constitutions as well as ongoing human rights issues in South Africa. I was also a part of a legacy project to promote former President FW de Klerk’s legacy through a visual timeline. The legacy project has allowed me to have a firmer grasp on FW de Klerk’s role in the dismantling of apartheid. Along with conducting research and creating a timeline the internship also provided me with unique opportunities to attend events the Foundation is a part of. These events allowed me to expand my knowledge of South African politics even further and opened my eyes to new possibilities for South Africa’s future.

I look forward to taking my experiences from the Foundation and applying them as I move forward with my studies and my future career. It has been a very fruitful experience and I am so grateful that I had the privilege to work with such a dedicated team.” 

Esther hopes to commence with her Master’s studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2015. 

Esther Sampson: Article – Universal Children’s Day