In episode 9 of the FW de Klerk Foundation’s exclusive biographical videos on President FW de Klerk, viewers will learn about the events between February 1990 and December 1991, namely:

  • The release of Nelson Mandela from prison
  • The first meetings with the ANC at Groote Schuur
  • The ANC’s armed struggle – Pretoria and the DF Malan Minutes
  • The problem of violence
  • The Peace Accord and the appointment of the Goldstone Commission
  • The first meeting of CODESA
  • Mandela’s bitter attack


Spanning 1936 to 1990, the first 8 episodes covered Mr De Klerk’s childhood, education and early career, the split of the National Party, his role in the House of Assembly and later as Minister of National Education, the battles in Southern Angola, The Tripartite Agreement of 1988, his election as Leader of the National Party, his stand-off with President PW Botha (and PW Botha’s resignation), his role as acting President, his inauguration as State President, the first meeting with Nelson Mandela and his 2 February speech.

Released for the first time on what would have been FW de Klerk’s 87th birthday on 18 March, the series of 17 exclusive video interviews features the President sharing his memories of his life and career with FW de Klerk Foundation Chairman and long-time associate and friend, Dave Steward.

The Foundation will continue to release a new episode every two weeks to provide a useful resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about the crucial role that he played in the constitutional transformation of South Africa.