20 December 1991  


We, the duly authorised representatives of political parties, political organizations, administrations and the South African Government, coming together at this first meeting of the Convention for a Democratic South Africa, mindful of the awesome responsibility that rests on us at this moment in the history of our country, declare our solemn commitment: 

 to bring about an undivided South Africa with one nation sharing a common citizenship, patriotism and loyalty, pursuing amidst our diversity, freedom, equality and security for all irrespective of race, colour, sex or creed;  

a country free from apartheid or any other form of discrimination or domination;  

to work to heal the divisions of the past,  

to secure the advancement of all, and to establish a free and open society based on democratic values where the dignity, worth and rights of every South African are protected by law;  

to strive to improve the quality of life of our people through policies that will promote economic growth and human development and ensure equal opportunities and social justice for all South Africans;  

to create a climate conducive to peaceful constitutional change by eliminating violence, intimidation and destabilization and by promoting free political participation, discussion and debate;  

to set in motion the process of drawing up and establishing a constitution that will ensure, inter alia:  

We agree:  

We, the representatives of political parties, political organizations and administrations, further solemnly commit ourselves to be bound by the agreements of CODESA and in good faith to take all such steps as are within our power and authority to realise their implementation.  


Signed by  

Ciskei Government  

Democratic Party  

Dikwankwetla Party  

Inkatha Freedom Party  

African National Congress  

Bophuthatswana Government  

Inyandza National Movement  

Intando Yesizwe Party  

Labour Party of South Africa  

Natal/Tvl Indian Congress  

National Party  

National People’s Party  


South African Communist Party  

Transkei Government  

United People’s Front  

Venda Government  

Ximoko Progressive Party  


We, the South African Government, declare ourselves to be bound by agreements we reach together with other participants in CODESA in accordance with the standing rules and hereby commit ourselves to the Implementation thereof within our capacity, powers and authority.  


Signed by South African Government 


‘ Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika. Ons vir jou Suid Afrika. Morena boloka sechaba sa heso. May the Lord bless our country. Mudzimu Fhatutshedza Afrika. Hosi katekisa Afrika