FM Lucky Mathebula

Board Member

FM Lucky Mathebula is a Pretoria University Alumni, holding a Doctor of Administration degree. His PhD specialisation is in Intergovernmental Relations. He is also a Harvard Business School Alumni. He has been, and still is, a strategic adviser and speech writer to the several high-ranking politicians in South Africa. He founded the Thinc Foundation [], a strategic research and think tanking foundation. He is CEO of Madyatshamile Holdings, an investment company in Pretoria. He is an accredited Life Coach with the School of Life.

He is a Professor of Public Administration at the Uganda Technology and Management Institute, a past fellow of the Centre for African Studies at the Free State University, a research associate with Tshwane University of Technology and the immediate former Policy Editor of the SA Journal of Public Administration. He served as a council member of the South African National Heritage Council and Chairperson of the Ditsong Museums of South Africa, as well as a member of the National Teacher Professionalisation Task Team. He was a board member of Department of Trade and Industry Centre of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing. He was South Africa’s APRM Focal Point Co-Ordinator. He is a Board Member of the FW de Klerk Foundation.

He is a strategic thinker of note, a policy analyst and a visionary team leader who facilitates and/or finds creative but practical solutions. He is a resource person to policy think tanks and forums. He is an analyst, group think facilitator, intergovernmental relations scenario planner and a business strategist. His comprehensive set of competencies, combined with his exposure, experience and results orientation, enables him to coach and enjoy improved personal and business performance. He has a track record of new initiatives successfully implemented with valuable impact to organisations and their stakeholders. His ability to position people and organisations at strategic level and to align and/or integrate activities from strategic level through to ground level implementation and then monitoring the impact of the change makes him an asset to any organisation.

The FW de Klerk Foundation is proud to share their 2023 Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Rights Report Card.