FM Lucky Mathebula

Board Member

FM Lucky Mathebula is a Pretoria University Alumni, holding a Doctor of Administration degree. His PhD specialisation is in Intergovernmental Relations. He is also a Harvard Business School Alumni. He has been, and still is, a strategic adviser and speech writer to the several high-ranking politicians in South Africa. He founded the Thinc Foundation [], a strategic research and think tanking foundation. He is CEO of Madyatshamile Holdings, an investment company in Pretoria. He is an accredited Life Coach with the School of Life.

He is a Professor of Public Administration at the Uganda Technology and Management Institute, a past fellow of the Centre for African Studies at the Free State University, a research associate with Tshwane University of Technology and the immediate former Policy Editor of the SA Journal of Public Administration. He served as a council member of the South African National Heritage Council and Chairperson of the Ditsong Museums of South Africa, as well as a member of the National Teacher Professionalisation Task Team. He was a board member of Department of Trade and Industry Centre of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing. He was South Africa’s APRM Focal Point Co-Ordinator. He is a Board Member of the FW de Klerk Foundation.

He is a strategic thinker of note, a policy analyst and a visionary team leader who facilitates and/or finds creative but practical solutions. He is a resource person to policy think tanks and forums. He is an analyst, group think facilitator, intergovernmental relations scenario planner and a business strategist. His comprehensive set of competencies, combined with his exposure, experience and results orientation, enables him to coach and enjoy improved personal and business performance. He has a track record of new initiatives successfully implemented with valuable impact to organisations and their stakeholders. His ability to position people and organisations at strategic level and to align and/or integrate activities from strategic level through to ground level implementation and then monitoring the impact of the change makes him an asset to any organisation.