Elita de Klerk


Elita de Klerk spent the first part of her life in Greece, where she was born. At the age of 19, she moved to London. Since her marriage to FW de Klerk in 1998, she lives in Cape Town.

Elita speaks Greek, English and French, and has a wide range of interests. She is devoted to art in all its manifestations and has expanded her knowledge by completing numerous courses. These range from the Christies Fine Arts course to studies of opera, modern art and literature. She is an amateur painter and also an advanced student of graphology and psychology.

In addition to the arts, she is committed to making a contribution towards a better life for disadvantaged and abused children in South Africa. In this regard, she is exploring the possibility of using music and art as a platform from which to do so.

Currently, Elita is the Chairperson of the FW de Klerk Foundation and is also the patron of the FW de Klerk Foundation’s International Donor Support Programme. She is a member of the Counsil of St George‘s House at Windsor Castle, a member of WWF 1001, a founding member of the Peace Parks Foundation, patron of the Cape Town Opera and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Cape Town.

Assessment of Compliance of Election Manifestos for the 2024 South African National Elections with the Bill of Rights

The assessment of 17 parties aims to evaluate how well each manifesto aligns with the Constitution’s core values, with a particular emphasis on compliance with the Bill of Rights.