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  1. As a non -South African, I had the opportunity to live, work, and participate in South African life. It was in South Africa that I embarked on my professional journey and becoming a responsible citizen and raising a family. My first born child was born there. I am keenly aware that all this was made possible by the sacrifices made by South Africans to free their country and join the family of nations. I wish to acknowledge the role of FW De Klerk in being part of the broad South African leadership that made the necessary compromises to create the society that has inspired, taught, and prepared me and so many of my generation for public service. I pray that God grants you eternal repose and continues to comfort your family and friends.

  2. I will never forget I will always remember my good and humble friend F.W with love

  3. South-Africa lost a beautiful soul and a true leader Former President FW de Klerk…As a young man I remembered how he fought for this country and how he become the father of a new nation..I want to give my sincere condolences to his wife, children and grandchildren in this difficult time of his loss. May God comfort you in the time of your bereavement and know that our beloved Father FW de Klerk is now part of the Angels…I want to salute you as a family who stand and my prayers is that God give you the strenght…No one can overlook the fact that father FW de Klerk brings this country together in unity…I pray the blessing over you all…RIP FATHER SIR FW DE KLERK..WE LOVE U

  4. Dit was vir my 17 jaar lank ‘n voorreg om as Geskiedenisonderwyser FW de Klerk aan ‘n klas van Zulusprekende matrieks voor te stel. Dit het my hart warm gemaak dat ek geweet het hy is ‘n mede Christen, ‘n mede Dopper, ‘n mede Oud-Puk en ‘n mede Afrikaner/Afrikaanssprekende wat dapper genoeg was om, ten koste van sy eie posisie, die regte ding te doen. In South Africa today, everybody who ventures on our roads knows that you will be confronted with big trucks – and at some stage, you will have to overtake one. There will be one window of opportunity to do so. And you must be willing and bold enough to weigh the risks and to act without hesitation. This is how I see Mr. de Klerk as a statesman. He was astute enough to recognize the window of opportunity presented to him by the collapse of Russia and the removal of the threat of communism. He was wise enough to weigh the pressure put on South Africa by the international community. He was compassionate enough to see the havoc that apartheid was causing in the lives of South Africans and he was brave and bold enough to take action. He did the right thing and for that, I salute him. In the classroom, I tried to also show the Hand of God in bringing together the time, the circumstances, and the man for South Africa. I am humble in my gratitude to the Lord for his grace. My innige meegevoel aan sy vrou en kinders. Mag die Here julle troos. Retha Röhrs Vryheid.

  5. I’m a senior school student in Sydney, Australia. I’ve always found F W de Klerk a remarkable and most admirable statesman, and far more so for his humility. His pragmatic forward-thinking saved his country from civil war and advanced liberal democracy. I have his biography, which I will read at some point after I’ve finished reading about Jan Smuts – with whom he shares several qualities.

  6. We mourn the passing of former President FW DE Klerk who was the answer to our prayers for South Africa, more than we could have asked for or possibly imagined. (Eph 3:20) A conscientious Christian and a Statesman of note. “Blessed are the Peacemakers.” On his soul Sweet Jesus, have mercy. R. I. P.

  7. As a son of South Africa, born in Vereeniging and now living abroad, I am acutely aware of the turmoil my home country has endured over the past 150 years. Pres. FW de Klerk played an enormous role and at times risked his life and ended his political career to bring about the changes necessary to catapult South Africa into the 21st century. I call on every South African, whether living in South Africa or abroad, to draw from the courage, humility and dignity of FW and continue to press forward to make South Africa a safe and prosperous country for all. My condolences go out to his friends and family and I will be ever grateful to have been in the presence of this great man. Kind regards, DK

  8. By moving to end formal state-based apartheid, Mr. De Klerk effectively ended his political career. It was a noble sacrifice for which history will remember him positively. Mr. De Klerk further expressed humility, resolve, and restraint as Deputy President paving the way for an orderly transition. He was a resolute and family man capable of changing his views when confronted with truths. My condolences to his family and to South Africa.

  9. I was fortunate to attend three meetings that were co-chaired by Mr de Klerk and Mr Mandela. During those meetings, I had a glimpse of the leader South Africa had. Nobody is perfect. Mr de Klerk is resting peacefully. None of us will be rejected by our Creator. My condolences go to Mrs de Klerk, the children and grandchildren, friends, and the people of South Africa.

  10. Am a young farmer in Cala Eastern cape. I would like to give condolences to the De Klerk family and the FW De Klerk Foundation. I am proud to have shared a country with this great man. We are free today because he took a bold decision 27 years ago. May his soul rest in peace

  11. FW de Klerk was a very brave and sincere leader, without whom peaceful change in South Africa could not have occurred. His role in the process is largely under appreciated. I am so grateful for his courage and leadership; it was equally liberating for me as a white South African. My sincere condolences to all his family and friends. I pray for them and for their peace. May this great man Rest In Peace.

  12. Heartfelt condolences to Elita and the whole de Klerk family on the passing of your patriarch, my dear friend of decades. Thank you for sharing him with our nation. He was loved. Annette and family.

  13. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and the nation on the passing of the former head of state, F W De Klerk.

  14. Dear family and friends of former President de Klerk, My condolences on the passing of former President de Klerk. I’m a young man who just married a lovely lady from the Philippines. Truth be told, if apartheid had not ended, I would not be permitted to marry my wife. For this Mr. de Klerk, I am very thankful. And I am most thankful you served this country well. Thank you for your contribution to our beautiful South Africa. Your family and friends can find great comfort knowing that you are in heaven and at peace. My best wishes to the de Klerk family. Be blessed.

  15. I am South African child that admires the role that His Excellency Mr FW De Klerk has played in South African History would like to offer my condolences to the family and friends of Mr FW De Klerk especially his wife Mrs Elita De klerk and his children and everyone at the FW De Klerk foundation. I truly believe that South Africa has lost a great leader who selflessly sacrificed his Presidency of the Largest Economy on the continent to make life better for All South Africans. He in his capacity as the President South Africa did everything he could possibly do to end Apartheid. i Pray that he rests in peace and people realize what he has done for everyone in South Africa. Condolences and Kind Regards M.P

  16. To the de Klerk family and friends I would like to extend my sincerest condolences and may you be comforted by all of the support from all across the country and world. The late President FW de Klerk played his part in transitioning South Africa to a democratic state and this is what he will be best remembered for. The works of President de Klerk for a free South Africa are engraved in the tablet of history. No one can erase this. As a young South African of colour, I have accepted the apology of President de Klerk for the dark days under his presidency. I believe in forgiveness and reconciliation, everyone deserves a second chance. Go well President! Rashied Adams Former NMBM Councillor

  17. As een van President de Klerk se destydse vennote in die prokureursfirma De KlerkVermaak en Vennote in Vereeniging wil ek en Miemie (my gade) net graag hiermee ons innigste simpatie betuig aan al sy naasbestaandes met sy heengaan. Ons is saam met hulle en die groot getalle bewonderaars oor die wêreld heen baie hartseer dat hierdie onvermydelike uur van afskeid aangebreek het. ‘n Groot seder het geval! Ons almal kan egter groot troos vind in die wete dat sy voortreflike nagedagtenis sal voortleef en dat sy uitsonderlike leierskap in ‘n kritieke fase van ons land se geskiedenis verhoed het dat ons land en sy mense in ‘n voortslepende rassekonflik uitgemergel en moontlik verwoes word. FW was ‘n Mens Mens – who could “walk with kings, nor lose the common touch”. Ons bring graag hulde aan hom! Pierre en Miemie Pretorius

  18. The legacy of this glorious nation will forever be etched in your august manner. May the family find peace that lasts. Rest in peace Sir

  19. TRIBUTE TO THE LATE PRES. F.W.de KLERK. CONTRIBUTED BY RON MILLER—FORMER DEP. MINISTER OF HOME AFFAIRS. In 1984 I was appointed Deputy Minister in the office of the then Minister of Home Affairs and Education, F. W. de Klerk.MP, with accountability for the Department of Home Affairs. I was in close contact with Min. De Klerk until he was appointed Minister of Constitutional Development. Throughout the time that I worked with Min. de Klerk I found him to be a man of the highest integrity, a loyal and dedicated politician. He had a thorough understanding of the law and legal processes, having been a practicing lawyer before entering Parliament in the late seventies. He had a natural instinct for separating fact from fiction and potential opportunity from failure, honed by association in a family steeped in political activities, including his father, Sen. Jan de Klerk. After entering Parliament as a back bencher, he was promoted to Min. of Sport and Recreation in what must be record time, an exceptional achievement. Pres. de Klerk was fluently bilingual and a most accomplished public speaker. Confident, at ease, and a master at holding his audience’s interest and attention in Parliament as well as at public meetings. His door was always open for me to consult him. He was a patient listener, and encouraged me to way-up the alternatives, in the manner of a true mentor. I never saw him lose his temper or be rude and aggressive, although he could give as good as he received when the gloves were off! Pres.de Klerk will always be remembered for that shy little smile he wore when he enjoyed a little humour or received well deserved praise. He was a modest man and often preferred the ordinary things in life, to wit, his 50th birthday celebration, dinner at home with his wife, Mr and Mrs Franklin Sonn, (later Ambassador to the USA), my wife and myself. Pres. de Klerk had a great respect for tradition and our South African heritage and enjoyed restoring the Groote Schuur homestead to a living abode, frequently used for VIP receptions. In my opinion, had Pres. De Klerk become South Africa’s President years earlier, the eventual outcome may have been the same, but many lives would certainly have been spared; the violence, brutality and civil disobedience could have been minimized, or even avoided completely. His life, a legacy for friend and foe, a man made of true metal.

  20. It is with Deep regret that I hear about Mr.de Klerks demise. Condolences to all the Family and Friends. I Never new him personally but I can say with certainty It’s not any individual that can do what he did. ….no man is without fault but the best of men are those that reform. Theres still a lot that needs to be done…..No doubt about that…..but, not today….Today We must thank Providence for allowing us his leadership and pray that we learn from his example. May God have mercy on his soul.

  21. Ons innige meegevoel en diepste simpatie aan die familie van wyle President Frederik Willem de Klerk. Dankbaarheid vir die opofferinge wat U vir ons Afrikaners as nasie gemaak het met die bedoeling vir die beter van beide Afrikaner sowel alle Suid-Afrikaanse bevolkingsgroepe en rasse. U het ons land baie hartseer, smart, bloed en trane gespaar. Ons Vader het U hart geken en U mag nou salig rus. Ons sal lewe, ons sal sterwe, ons vir jou Suid-Afrika.

  22. I would like to pay my respects for all the citizens of South Africa and their upsetting loss. I know they will re-build their lives and in time move forwards in life. Any President passing through to for example The Grand Architect of The Universe, will need time as a country to reflect and move on. Michael, my son, donated £3.00 to President Cyril of Africa, to help with water and living. Sincere love sent from me you all.

  23. My sadness is huge. Condolences to the family of this man of great change, integrity and honesty xx RIP President FW De Klerk

  24. Ek het die voorreg gehad om enkele van President de Klerk se toesprake en optredes by te woon. President de Klerk het altyd beindruk as ‘n welsprekende en indrukwekkende staatsman. Sy rol in die geskiedenis van Suid-Afrika en die verbondenheid daarvan met demokrasie kan nie ontken word nie. Ons sal u nie vergeet nie, meneer die President. Innige medelye aan President de Klerk se familie en vriende.

  25. Dear Mrs. Elita de Klerk, the children of Mr. de Klerk and grandchildren, family & friends, What a statesman we as South Africans have lost. What a privilege to have been able to witness at close hand the transition of former apartheid South Africa to a democratic South Africa for all South Africans, regardless of race, colour, religion or background. Thank you to former President De Klerk for being such a graceful leader and paving the way to a greater South Africa. Through his foresight and inner conviction that apartheid was wrong, he managed to allow for peaceful and constructive talks with Mr. Mandela and the ANC. Thank you to both leaders, Mr. De Klerk and Nelson Mandela for your mutual respect for each other. We can all learn so much from both of them. Wat ‘n voorreg om ook persoonlik oom FW te kon ontmoed terwyl my pa, wyle Casper SC Venter, vir hom as perssekretaris tydens sy presgewerk het. My innige meegevoel met die hele De Klerk familie en almal wat so ywerig by die FW de Klerk Foundation werk! Rus in vrede Pres. FW de Klerk

  26. FW famously once said that a man of destiny knows that beyond this hill lies another and another. The journey is never complete. As we have reflected on the life and legacy of the late former statesman we cannot deny that our journey and yearning for true democracy is not yet complete. There are many more hills that we as a nation must still overcome, although we have already came along way. No single person in this world is perfect and no one should ever judge a person based on his/her past. FW was a principled leader who believed in the rule of law and that separate development is not in the best interest of all South Africans. We are not yet close to closing the gap between rich and poor; and black and white. We are, however, far from where we were. May the legacy and memories of FW be a constant reminder of our shared history and our ability to overcome our differences and challenges if we work together. I extend my deepest condolences and sincere sympathies to Mrs de Klerk, Mr de Klerk’s children, his grandchildren and his bereaved family. May his soul find peace

  27. Aan die De Klerk-gesin en die FW de Klerk-Stigting Ek vra myself die laaste week gereeld af waar sou ek as Afrikaanssprekende gewees het as FW de Klerk nie daar was nie en nie die stappe geneem het wat hy destyds geneem het nie. Ek dink elke Suid-Afrikaner, ongeag ras, geslag of ideologiese oortuiging moet dit ook doen. Ek weet my lewe sou besonder moeiliker gewees het, en ek dink so ook die lewens van alle Suid-Afrikaners. Hy het my waardigheid as Afrikaanssprekende herstel en my ‘n rede gegee om die wêreld sonder skaamte in die oë te kyk. Dit wat hy gedoen het was waarskynlik die grootste daad van dapperheid ooit deur ‘n Afrikaanssprekende. Trouens, dalk moet ons herdenking van die geskiedenis van die Afrikaner Mnr de Klerk as uitgangspunt neem. Daarvoor, vir wie hy was, en vir wat hy as Afrikaanssprekende bereik het, sal ek altyd aan hom dank verskuldig wees en eer ek sy nagedagtenis. Ek hoop sy enorme nalatenskap sal as troos dien vir almal wat hom liefgehad het. Ek wens u almal sterkte en vrede toe in hierdie tyd van rou en nabetragting. Prof Mellet Moll (Kaapstad)

  28. To the De Klerk Family I knew FW in 1990 when he came to open the then Qwa Qwa Legislature . He had just announced the sweeping reforms of 1990 and was recieved as a hero . Deep condolensces to Mrs De Klerk . Indeed the History of South Africa will not be complete without him and it cannot be written without him . The second of Feb Speech 1990 remains the best ever delivered from the Poduim of the South African Parliament . The News 24 Polls says most people have accepted his apology which he rendered . Pity we will not see live visuals of the burial of this son of the soil.

  29. My sincere condolences to the FW De Klerk family. May he rest in peace.He was a very good person.I will always remember him as Mr President.

  30. We can’t begin to imagine what you are feeling, but let me share your heart-felt condolence Today and always, may Mr. FW de Klerk loving memories bring you peace, comfort, and strength We are at a loss of words during this sorrowful time. Please know that we are thinking of you and praying for peace and comfort With my love and deepest sympathy as we remember Mr. FW de Klerk. We literally feel the pain of such a great loss. At the same time we share your sentiments, we are grateful to have known Mr. FW de Klerk through Jill, David, and Jacques, and have been blessed by his gentle spirit. This is sad news indeed, for FW de Klerk Foundation, Elita, his family and the nation. At the same time, knowing that he is no longer in pain and suffering, takes the sting away a little from the painful news. We feel for his family and his loved ones in this difficult time. Best regards, Salesian Life Choices team and beneficiaries

  31. Go well hero, your apology is accepted. May heavens receive you to your eternal place. May the family be comforted.

  32. We would like to express our sincere condolences to family and loved ones on the passing of former president and Nobelprize-winner FW De Klerk. May he be remembered as the statesman who did the right thing under heavy and difficult circumstances during his presidency. We count our meeting and conversation with FW De Klerk in 2017 as a highlight of our second visit to South Africa. We wish the family and loved ones, the foundation and South Africa all the best. May he rest in peace. Marijn de Jong and family, Zeegse, The Netherlands.

  33. Dear De Klerk family please accept condolences on the passing of our nation’s beloved FW. Be assured that the process that he started is simply a work in progress as we strive towards a society free of the type of racial hatred that sadly has rears its head again in the light of the complete failure of present-day government to deliver on growth and equality for all. FW was a hero among heroes, prepared to take unpopular steps to strive towards a more golden future. It is a shame that his legacy and that of Madiba has been tarnished by politicians who received the golden keys to government in the 90’s. Rest in peace. You totally deserved your Nobel co-prize with Madiba and go with God. Kindest regards to all.

  34. FW was a great man, but like all humans he made mistakes. Let he be remembered for all his good deeds and not his mistakes. We, as people of South Africa, do not have the right to blame and judge him. That is the Lord in Heaven to do so. May his soul R.I.P.

  35. Condolences to Mrs Elita De Klerk, the immediate and wider family, former colleagues in politics, all at the Foundation and all who knew and appreciated our former President. Thank you to a brave and gifted statesman. One day, when less indoctrinated and more agile minds than the present, discourteous social and mainstream media rabble evaluate the arc of human history, I am sure that F.W.’s place among the great political and humanitarian spirits of the world will be correctly noted. Political lies, egotistical bullying and revolutionary opportunism have never outlasted true greatness, bravery, vision and statesmanship. Nor shall they in his respect. Rest in Peace.

  36. It is with heartfelt sadness that I send this message wishing Mr FW de Klerk’s family my sincere condolences for the loss of a father, grandfather and great grandfather to many. Alot can be said about this true leader, but one that everyone cannot dispute was the boldness and decisiveness that was characteristic of his Presidency and overall leadership. He was unwavering when he made up his mind to end apartheid and open doors to a Democratic dispensation that many including myself have in many ways benefited from. It is for this courage and decisiveness that he shall be remembered by many, within our borders and internationally. Those who really understand his contribution will continue to remind those blind sided by petty politics about the realities and what FW de Klerk stood for. His legacy shall continue. My one personal regret is that I never sought to meet him in person and share political ideas and lessons especially during his active days in the foundation. To the family, continue holding your heads high, for you bore a true leader, who faced many challenges, within his own party ranks, outside his party, and internationally and had to find a balance within all these opposing forces and always found a way to navigate and lead through such difficulties. For this, I salute him and May his Soul rest in Peace for he delivered on what would be referred to as “mission impossible” and lead South Africa into a new dispensation. Robala ka Kgotso…..You shall for ever be remembered.

  37. I write to extend my condolences to the De Klerk family. I appreciate the contribution Mr De Klerk made to this country especially being bold to end racial discrimination regime. This led to the relatively smooth transition for our country. This is a credit that I believe he should also be remembered for. He ran his race and has now ended. May God strengthen the family.

  38. South Africa has lost a true son, a Boabab, a giant. My deepest sympathy with Ms De Klerk, the Family and the FW De Klerk Foundation Team

  39. I extend my condolences to Mr de Klerk’s wife and children. South Africa and the world has lost a great statesman. I had the privilege to be part of the business delegation that in early 1996 accompanied him, the Deputy President during President Mandela’s presidency, on a state visit to the Middle East, amongst others the Sultanate of Oman. The time we spent with Mr de Klerk on this trip made an indelible impression on me. As recognised by the Nobel Peace Prize he shared with Mr Mandela, I am sure that Mr de Klerk’s role in the peaceful transition will in years to come be recognised for the platform it created for a democratic South Africa. I salute him for that. Harry Swart

  40. Our sincere condolences to the family on the loss of a splendidly forward thinking man with a sense of great humanity and passion. Leaders like these are few and FW De Klerk will be seen kindly in the annals of History.

  41. I am sending my condolences to the family of the late FW De Clerk from Uganda. Apartheid was bad but so is tribalism. Every man and political systems make mistakes. Currently ,economies in Africa have collapsed. Crimes against humanity in many African countries are rampant. Zimbabwe and others are a case in point. As a result citizens from many African countries are streaming to south Africa for better economic opportunities. Therefore.,objective people commend what whites have done in south Africa. As such May the soul of FW De Clerk rest in internal peace.

  42. mijn oprechte deelneming bij het heengaan van president F. W. de Klerk. dank voor zijn toewijding aan zijn land, en in de hoop voor allen het beste voor te hebben als Vlaming en Belg en gepensioneerd catalograaf van de UGent tracht ik zijn land te begrijpen en heb ik een jarenlange belangstelling voor Zuid-Afrika moge Zuid-Afrika mede dank zij F.W. de Klerk voorspoed kennen in oprechte samenwerking Hugo de Grave

  43. Your statesmanship and patriotism led you to set South Africa on its path to the multiracial country that exists today. You had the ability to recognise wrongs committed by the apartheid regime and the courage to acknowledge and to apologise for these acts. May your soul rest in peace and my condolences to your family and to the Republic of South Africa for the loss they have suffered.

  44. Met gebroke hart wil ek noem dat ek die eer gehad het om Oom FW sowat 35 jaar terug ontmoet het… ons het heelwat woorde tussen mekaar bedeel en Tannie M was nog op daai stadium sy eggenoot. A lasting impression that always remained in both my mind and heart. To those that are in negative opinion, let me remind you that unless you yourself are willing to be judged, then do not judge – none of us are perfect. My deepest condolences to the De Klerk family, Oom FW, gone, but not forgotten.

  45. Ik leef mee met het prachtige land Zuid-Afrika die nu opnieuw een geniale man heeft moeten verliezen. Na Nelson Mandela en Pik Botha is één der laatsten die de ontmanteling van Apartheid hebben mogen realiseren heengegaan. Ik weet dat uw land voor geweldige uitdagingen staan. Uw land heeft een even rijke als betwistbare geschiedenis. Maar God is uw land ook zeer genadig geweest. De verbondenheid met het christelijke smaldeel van Nederland is altijd sterk geweest. Moge onze Hemelse vader de familie De Klerk troosten en bemoedigen en uw land zegenen.

  46. I hereby pass my condolences to the family, friends, and foundation of the honorable Mr FW de Klerk. As a black South African I accept Mr de Klerk’s apology and I forgive him wholeheartedly. I salute him also for the role he played in our country’s peaceful transition to democracy. May his soul rest in peace.

  47. Mary Lou and I were truly saddened by the untimely death of FW – one of Africa’s great leaders. He emerged a transformed man, from a long tradition of rascist apartheid, to lead South Africa into the thriving democracy it is today. With Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, he helped lay the basis for creating exemplary constitutional arrangements, functioning rules of law and a “rainbow nation” – all principles he actively supported through the work of his Foundation. In so many ways he set an example for the rest of the continent on what enlightened leadership could look like, having expressed to me personally his regret at having been for so long associated with apartheid. He was also a darn good golfer whom we enjoyed playing with on our annual visits to beautiful South Africa. We shall miss the South Africa vs Canada challenge cup and we shall miss FW. He was a noble human being and we feel fortunate having had him as a friend.

  48. Mnr De Klerk mag u siel in vrede rus. Dankie vir die rol wat u gespeel het as brug bouer in SA. Mooi loop ou Grootte.

  49. ‘n Formidabele man, mag God u ryklikseën daar waar u nou by Sy voete sit. Ek bid ook dat Hy u familie sal toerus met krag, vertroosting en liefde deur hierdie hartseer tyd! RIV

  50. RIP Mr. FW de Klerk.. You will forever be remembered in our hearts. Your last message resonates with me. Thank you. My sincere condolences to your family and friends

  51. RIP and condolences to the family. Thanks for taking the bold step to end Apartheid and all your contributions to South Africa. To the family: I wish I could shield you from all hatred flying around, focus on what he achieved. FW de Klerk was a remarkable man!

  52. Please, and I apologize for not being able to attend the ceremony. In my opinion, the valuable services of Mr. President should be included in the textbooks so that the youth and children are informed about the life of the myths of history. Sincerely Majid journalist

  53. Dear de Klerk Family, My sincere condolences at the the passing of Honourable Mr FW de Klerk. My eternal gratitude for his courage, conviction, humility and amazing strength in what H.E. did to ensure the future of our beloved South Africa. My very personal prayer for the family is that of strength, courage and blessings in this time of your mourning. Our President rests now in peace at the Father’s feet in heaven. Be at peace, be comforted, share those precious memories of him, for all time. God Bless and keep you all. Sincererly Deryck Venter

  54. Rest in peace Mr. FW de Klerk. My sincere condolences to the family and friends. Thank you! YOU were the start of change in South Africa and many people don’t realise or acknowledge this. MUCH RESPECT

  55. Mr. Frederik Willem de Klerk will forever be remembered as a great man and remain in our history books as a key historic figure and teach younger generations of his legacy.

  56. sincere condolences to Mr De Klerks family.

    Your last shared voice with the world, says much of you as a human being Sir.

    May you rest in peace.

  57. I admired F.W. De Klerk for having the courage to change the doomed system of apartheid. Without him, the transition would have been more violent.

  58. May President FW de Klerk’s soul rest in peace and may his memory be eternal. All is forgivable and all is forgiven. A unique and exceptional contribution to humanity.

  59. The Khwaja Ameenudeen Foundation of South Africa wishes to extend our sincerest condolences to the family and loved ones of former apartheid state president FW de Klerk.

    The FW de Klerk Foundation in a statement confirmed that the former president had died at his home in Fresnaye earlier this week following his struggle against mesothelioma cancer.

    He was one of South Africa’s four Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, De Klerk served as state president from September 1989 until May 1994.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Elita, his children Jan and Susan and his grandchildren during this very difficult time.

    Issued by:
    Fakeer Noordeen
    Vice Chairman of KAFSA

  60. Wishing the family sincere condolences at this time — remembering that President de Klerk to be the only Head of a Country ever to have negotiated himself “out of power” and he did so with dignity, foresight and bravery as being the absolute right process to invoke. Rest in peace Sir and I will honor your memory by reading your book again (a personally signed copy)
    Kind Regards
    Joel Linton
    Chicago, Illinois

  61. My deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of this great man FW DE Klerk. May his soul be at peace and attain liberation for the remarkable deeds that he has done for South Africa. May the world perceive his last message as an inspiration towards international peace and harmony.

  62. Thank you for all you did to help RSA move beyond apartheid.

    Rest in peace.

    sala kahle

  63. I want to take this opportunity to share my condolences with the family and staff of the late Mr De Klerk. This is a great loss and our Heavenly Father be with you all on this sad day.

  64. Mr de Klerk was the first and, in my opinion, the last president to ever recognise and adopt the minority Swazi nation in South Africa. In 1994, he visited Badplaas in Mpumalanga to have discussions with the Swazi Royal Household. When he came out of kagogo (grandmother’s hut), the traditional meeting place of the Swazis, with a GENUINE seriousness and a smile in his face, wearing lihiya (the traditional Swazi cloth) and carrying lihawu (shield) , he said, “As you can see, I am now a member of the Swazi Royal Family”. I knew, then, that his heart was in the right place (with the lowest of the low) and I immediately felt the warmth surging through the crowd. To those who are keen observers, the lihiya and lihawu portrayed a big significance, association with and protection to the nation. Since then, I have always recognised him as one of our own (Swazi) and I feel saddened by his passing away. Rest in peace mbutfo lomhlophe (white Swazi warrior). We will always remember you.

  65. Ek het in 2003 vir die FW de Klerk Foundation begin werk. Oor die jare het ek en Mnr De Klerk ‘n goeie en vreugdevolle verhouding opgebou. Altyd daar vir my met ‘n glimlag en ‘n hoe gaan dit. Dankie vir wat u vir my beteken het. U stoel staan leeg, maar my hart is vol van u WYSHEID. Rus in VREDE.

  66. My family and I offer blessings of strength to the De Klerk family during this very difficult and painful period.

    On a wider scale, we pray institutions like the foundation and RSA enforcement prosecutorial and judicial institutions will not let President De Klerk’s life be in vain and our blessing goes also to you and all South African institutions, that you be blessed with strength and unwavering allegiance to the Rule of Law and the restoration of dignity to the countless South African Citizen dead or alive but failed by the South African justice system.