Our Foundation

Our Mission

The FW de Klerk Foundation promotes and preserves FW de Klerk’s presidential heritage by supporting the causes for which he worked during his presidency.

The work that must continue to be done …

Support and Promote the Constitution

Nurture relationships between our communities

Continue ongoing communication between communities, business, labour and government

Work together to address the problems of our society

People making difference 

Our Team


The Board of Trustees meets at least twice a year to discuss matters of policy, adopt procedures and take administrative steps as they see fit. We also have a team of interns each year that fall under the Foundation Internship Programme assisting us to achieve our goals.

Stay informed and Aware 

Our Library


Our Publications

Official publications from the Foundation over the years covering a wide range of subjects including politics, education and Human Rights.

Our Speeches

Numerous speeches about the future of Africa and South Africa and the challenges facing the world during the new millennium.

Major Reports

We believe in accountability and have a record of our Annual Reports over the years, ensuring transparency and honesty.

Our Media Gallery

See photographs, profile pictures, audio clips, albums and videos from the Foundation over the years from significant events.

Stay informed

We’re committed to providing regular communications on topical issues and participating in the national debates