The FW de Klerk Foundation is excited to welcome Rosa Sommer, a German International Relations and Management student of the University of OTH Regensburg, as a research intern.

She shares her goals for her time with us:

Why did you want to intern with the FW de Klerk Foundation?

My bachelor’s degree progamme in International Relations and Management includes an internship abroad. My interest in international cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa led me to the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Cape Town, where I gained deep insights into South Africa from a German perspective. As a cooperation partner, I met the FW de Klerk Foundation there for the first time. I was moved by the socio-political landscape of the country, which I wanted to understand better, and wondered why the situation is the way it is despite human rights and a strong constitution. Focusing on the historical influences on current events from a South African and legal perspective motivated me to complete my internship at the FW de Klerk Foundation.

What do you hope to achieve/learn during your internship?

Through the internship, I aim to learn more about the activities, tasks, goals and approaches of a South African NGO. With the focus on political activities in the country, I hope to understand the complex impacts on constitutional rights better to see which legal actions can lead to improvement and influence the political debate, and compare these within an international context. In doing so, I hope to strengthen my analytical skills and improve my academic writing.

What is your background, country of origin and research focus?

In my fifth semester, I will study International Relations and Management at the university OTH Regensburg in Germany. The interdisciplinary course links economic, political and social questions in which I focus on international conflicts and cooperation in Sub-saharan Africa.

What are your career ambitions for the next 5 years?

My career plans after graduation and potentially a connected master’s degree, are still partially open. I would like to work in international organisations in project management and gain insights into the field of humanitarian aid.


We look forward to supporting and following Rosa’s career from here on.