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The FW de Klerk Foundation was established on 6 June 1999 as a registered not-for-profit organisation in South Africa. It has the following vision, mission and activities.

Our Vision

The Foundation’s vision is to be a self-sustaining organization that promotes – and that will, in the long term, continue to promote –

Our Mission

The Foundation’s mission is to

Our Activities


Our Team


The Board of Trustees meets at least twice a year to discuss matters of policy, adopt procedures and take administrative steps as they see fit. We also have a team of interns each year that fall under the Foundation Internship Programme assisting us to achieve our goals.

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All South Africans must support the Constitution. South Africa’s future freedom, political stability and economic prosperity depend…

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Each year the FW de Klerk Foundation hosts interns from South Africa and abroad. The Foundation has a long-standing relationship…


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