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The Constitution@Work Podcasts

The Current Threat of Nuclear Weapons with Jonathan Granoff

The Impact of the Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill on Language Rights in SA

The Accountability of Public Administration with Advocate Paul Hoffman

EWC Part 1: Economic Impact

EWC Part 2: Ideology Behind the Expropriation Bill

The Constitution@Work Presents: Hate Speech Bill Part 1

FW de Klerk Condolences

Condolence message from Sir Rob Fulton

Condolence message from President Gorbachev - via Ekaterina Zagladina

Condolence message from The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates (Ekaterina Zagladina)

FW de Klerk Foundation Events

Event: 25th Anniversary of SA's Historic Constitutional Transformation

CUD KAS Roundtable Discussion Series 2019 - Number 4

Annual Conference 2020 - Part 1

Annual Conference 2020 - Part 2

Annual Conference 2020 - Part 3

The 32nd anniversary of FW de Klerk's speech of 2 February 1990 to Parliament

FW de Klerk Foundation Interviews

A Brief History of South Africa, with Dave Steward | Big Think

A History Lesson with Dave Steward Part I 2015

The Lens of History: Episode Five Dave Steward of the FW de Klerk Foundation

Dave Steward Interview Part II 2015

Dave Steward, uitvoerende hoof van die FW de Klerk Stigting, oor regstelaksie

Steward on the announcement of release of political prisoners in 1990

FW de Klerk Speeches

F.W. De Klerk | Full Speech | Oxford Union

F. W. de Klerk speaks at Nelson Mandela centenary celebrations

WSNPL 2019 Nobel Laureate Lecture - FW de Klerk

FW de Klerk Interviews

Osvald Bjelland in coversation with F.W. de Klerk, the former President of South Africa

De Klerk: ANC split would be 'healthy' for South Africa -Talk to Al Jazeera

F.W. de Klerk: Africa, Corruption, the ANC and Donald Trump

F.W. De Klerk | Apartheid Indefensible | Oxford Union

Frost over the World - FW De Klerk - 22 May 09

F.W. de Klerk Interview 2013

FW de Klerk Foundation News

Digitale woordeboek vir gebaretaal

FW de Klerk Foundation ALS/ MND #IceBucketChallenge

De Klerk, Mbeki, Motlanthe to discuss crisis facing South Africa

FW de Klerk Foundation annual conference, 02 February 2017 pt1

FW de Klerk Foundation annual conference, 02 February 2017 pt2

Former Presidents FW de Klerk and Thabo Mbeki